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We provide a simple deposit protection solution for landlords, letting agents and tenants It’s a legal requirement for landlords and letting agents to protect their tenants’ deposits with a government scheme such as mydeposits. We've been protecting deposits for over 12 years.

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Remax Lettings specialises in providing Letting and Management Services for high quality residential houses and flats.

We eliminate risks associated with Internet transactions by acting as a licensed, neutral, third party.

A normal rental agreement using Remax Lettings will contain:

• Length of the agreement

• Rent amount

• Amount of additional costs (heating, water, electricity, etc.)

• Term of notice

• Amount of deposit

• In the case of furnished rooms, an inventory of all items (checked in the presence of our agent whether all the items are in good order. If damaged, you will have a documented in writing with all damages , so that you don’t have to pay for the damage when you move out).

• The general house rules (which also define the repairs that the landlord is responsible for and those which you have to pay for). Once the contact is signed both parties are legally bound by it. Before signing, it is therefore essential to carefully read and understand the document even though they are usually long and difficult to read.

Most landlords ask for a deposit which is refunded when you move out, along with interest earned . However, if damage has occurred to the accommodation the landlord is allowed to withhold the sum required to repair it from the deposit. The deposit can legally go up to three months basic rent. However, many landlords only require a deposit equivalent to 1 or 2 months of rent.

Rent, is the amount paid to the landlord every month. Additional costs depend on the apartment and its location and are individually detailed in the contract. Additional costs such as heating, gas, water and electricity costs are usually dependent on personal usage and are paid monthly at a predetermined fixed rate. Meters are read yearly and you are refunded by or pay extra depending on what you have used. Other additional costs (such as garbage disposal, street and house cleaning) depend on the size of the apartment. In some cases, especially in old apartments, this can also apply to some of the individual costs stated above. For example, if a house doesn’t have individual measurement of heating for each apartment, then the total cost is split between the apartments according to their relative size. Most landlords expect rent to be paid by automatic bank transfer or standing order; this is usually specified in the contract.

House care taker: In houses with a number of tenants, there is often a house caretaker and manager. The caretaker and manager are responsible for keeping everything running and organizing repairs. Winter Service and Street Sweeping: If there is no caretaker then residents are legally obliged to remove snow and ice from in front of their house during winter. This is generally stated in the rent contract. If tenants are responsible for removing snow and ice then they are liable for all injuries incurred if they fail to meet their obligations. In some regions the streets also have to be swept once a week. House Pets: Whether or not pets may be kept in an apartment must be discussed with the landlord and should form part of your rent agreement. If a tenant wants to have a pet in the flat where they already live then the rent contract or the landlord should be consulted to see if this is allowed. House pets are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc.

There are certain periods of notice valid for rental agreements. This period applies if either you or the landlord wish to terminate the rental agreement. However, the landlord cannot cancel the rent contract without a reason. The legal period of notice on open-ended rent contracts is three months.

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